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January 15, 2004 — Leave a comment

just before i fell asleep last night i had a brilliant thought about what i was going to post this morning. maybe it`s for the best, it was very political and maybe i should steer clear of politics for the time being.

there are so many thoughts careening around in my head and i can`t seem to hold on to one for long enough to form the basis of a post.

today is the major presentation, here are some notes for those of you even vaguely considering a career in advertising…

the worse thing that can happen to you on the eve of a presentation is discovering that someone else is using your carefully crafted tag line.

it`s usually enough to start a small panic and that`s exactly what happened yesterday evening, i was supposed to start printing last night, but we didn`t finalise a new tag line until late, so i`m going in early this morning to start printing which brings me to the other pre-presentation ogre, broken and slow printing.

i have 8 ads and outdoor material to print and mount for the meeting this afternoon, i`ll get help with the trimming and mounting, but my worry is the printing. it doesn`t matter the printer has been working for weeks and you put in yesterday, the day or in this case hours before the presentation is the time that most of the crucial machinery will start to give trouble.

i can`t say i hope i don`t jinx myself, because it`s how these things go, you learn to accept them. hence my early departure, start printing now and hopefully everything will be ready sometime in the next seven hours.

i also need to figure out what i`m wearing today, so i can look semi decent in case someone decides it`s a really good idea for me to go to the meeting.

i think client meetings are the one part of my job that i loathe. no sir, i don`t like them. in an ideal world, i would never meet them face to face and have to listen to them go on and on, that an the anathema of designers and creative folk everywhere, `just`. as in `why don`t you just`, but that is a subject for another day.

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