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January 20, 2004 — Leave a comment

not necessarily good news, but it draws it out.

the guy i`m dealing with is being helpful and pleasant which is a change from most of the bureaucrats i`ve dealt with thus far, he isn`t treating our life as his own personal fiefdom and me as an insignificant serf.

he said it should have been there by now and he`s going to try to track it down. he took my number and email address and promised to call.

that`s good. right?

i`m still on tenterhooks, i`m irritable and upset. i have a pile of work on my desk for tomorrow and i just want to get up and leave it and go home and curl up into a ball.

i should be grateful that he`s going through all the trouble and glad that we`ve gotten this far, but it just feels like a tease.

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