it’s the media, it’s the media

January 9, 2004 — Leave a comment

Why do you think we are quick to believe something negative about someone before we accept/believe something positive? Even when it’s obvious that someone has done something positive…like lose weight…there is always someone who assumes you starved or had plastic surgery…they have to attach something NEGATIVE to your good news. Why are we so drawn to negative stories and bad luck? Do you think this is the reason bad news sells?

we`ve become a generation of cynics. we`ve had our trust betrayed so many times by our leaders and exemplars [insert variety here] that we tend to believe the worst.

the media only provides what we want to see. on an individual level we still believe in the milk of human kindness, somewhat but to the mob that milk has long since curdled.

and the mob rules, we tend to accept whatever is present to us as gospel. we need to learn to think and ask questions. most of the time when you stop to ask you realise that the cynicism isn`t warranted, except in the case of politics and religion. there is always a hidden agenda.

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