assumption is the mother of all fuckups

January 17, 2004 — Leave a comment

some of my closest friends are my exes. i don`t think it strange, because in most cases we were friends first, the relationships came afterwards. the return to friendship wasn`t always immediate, but it happened after a time, because that`s what true friendship is about.

i don`t know if it`s just me, but i find people tend to assume that two adults that hang out together a great deal, have got to be fucking. what is that about?

i`m a tactile person, i hug a lot and if we`re hanging out, there`s a lot of touching, but i`m pretty sure there is a discernible difference between the touches of intimates and friends.

which in some sort of odd segue relates to another assumption about me, that i`m gay. i`m not sure if it`s the ease with which i wear a sarong, or that i`m not ashamed of my gay friends or i don`t boast about my sexual prowess or that i don`t go for most of the macho male posturing bullshit. my sexual is my own god damn business, i don`t have to prove it to anything to anyone.

the other assumption that pisses me off even, especially in the caribbean, i`m some sort of ignorant, independent retailer of recreational pharmaceuticals or drug dealer as they commonly know or what i say in meeting is worthless because i have dreads, tattoos and piercing. it`s so fucking stupid.

so in retrospect, these are my final thoughts. i`m not having sexual relations with anyone [to be remedied as soon as i get my visa], at which point i will be having lots of predominantly heterosexual intercourse and even without a degree, my dreads, my tattoos and my piercing, i am one of the smartest, well read and most fucking talented people it will be your pleasure to meet. ever.

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