i started writing this missive about my interactions with computers over the last 22 years but it was going on, i hadn`t finished and it was time for me to get to work, so brightly i emailed it to myself planning to finish it at work.

it`s almost three hours later and it`s yet to make an appearance. i`m guessing i`ll get some sort of bounce when i return home this evening.

i would start typing it over, but my thoughts are a jumble, i`m unfocussed and uninspired at the moment. i want to be able to move forward. tomorrow is sort of the cut off date for me to hand in my resignation, it makes two months since i signed my work contract, i`m on three months probation, if i am going to leave, tomorrow is the day.

but and of course it`s a big but, i don`t know anything yet and this hanging here is infuriating. really now, we live in an age of secure and instantaneous telecommunication and i`m waiting on a package that would have been quicker delivered by mule train or schooner.

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