where did we go wrong?

December 15, 2003 — Leave a comment

or should that be when?

i was looking at some photographs over the weekend online. i`ve been thinking about doing some portraits lately. i`m tired of seeing, what in my opinion is, an unrealistic portrait of the female form.

i know a lot of women and none of them fits the barbie mould. Tall, short, thick, thin, products of their genetic heritage, beautiful outright or radiating that special `je ne c`est quoi`. they are all stunning in their own right.

so why it is, specifically in the caribbean we seemed to be represented by this US ideal. long flowing hair, huge bust and tiny stick legs. it`s no who we are. it irks me every time i see one of the ms [insert misogynistic cattle call here] show contestants. who are they representing?

i have two daughters, i think they could have fit in a size 0 about two years ago. i know enough adults that have grown up before the current fashion trends with their own body issues, what`s going to happen to my young women.

there is already a fashion designer in trinidad, who has stated openly that he doesn`t make clothes for fat people. what he really means is unless you`re shaped like a plank you can`t wear his clothes. it`s easy enough to say fuck him and not buy his clothes but it`s the thinking that allows him to say something like that.

i clearly understand that there are different body types but when did one specific type become the ideal?

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