well that’s a bitch

December 22, 2003 — Leave a comment

i just got off the phone with fedex and two other international couriers, apparently i can`t send any food or beverage without a manufacturers code. it`s some requirement from the FDA as part of an increased security protocol.

i love vic and my friends, but this is just fucking ridiculous. i have to unpack the box, find the phone numbers for the companies that i bought stuff from, find someone who actually knows what i`m talking about, get the number or whatever, hope it`s right and then repack and risk it getting turned back because whoever answered the phone three days before christmas just wanted to get rid of me and gave me incorrect information.

hmmmmm, does this sound like a little too much trouble or is it just my lack of christmas spirit showing? whatever the cause, everything is going to stay here until vic gets here.

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