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December 26, 2003 — Leave a comment

return of the king was great. i enjoyed right up to the last fifteen minutes [look away spoiler ahead] when the skipped the battle for the shire.

what the fuck was that about? i was pissed. you have all this fucking arwen eveningstar shit, that don`t get four lines in the book but you cut the battle of the shire. what the fuck?

i guess this means i`m going to have to wait for the extended version on dvd?

otherwise, i was really happy with the rest of the movie. and was it me or was there a whole lot of homo-erotic subtext? actually can it be call subtext when it`s that blatant? a friend of mine who went with tonight said, that we only noticed it because we`re gay. uh huh. right.

i`m going to get some sleep, it`s been a long day and there is more fun with the children tomorrow and hair washing on the agenda.

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