i don’t do grape

December 16, 2003 — Leave a comment

i will eat grapes but i draw the line there. i don`t drink grape soda, grape colour juice and sure as fucking hell grape koolaid. does not pass my lips.

in november 1978, in jonestown, guyana; jim jones convinced 900 plus of his followers to drink a lethal grape juice cocktail. for a a seven year old, that kind of news is enough to make you swear off grape juice. i was an avid reader and had an over-active imagination. besides guyana was our neighbour, it wasn`t far like the US, it was right there, next door to us on the map. so here i am, a quarter of a century later, still not drinking anything grape coloured.

i wonder why people feel the need to be lead. jonestown, waco, heaven`s gate. were these people`s lives so devoid of meaning that they were willing to sacrifice themselves and their children on the say so of one person?

oh wait, hmmmmm, i see a pattern. nevermind.

the snaffleburger corporation says: CONFORM! CONSUME! OBEY!

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