and a little child shall lead them

December 28, 2003 — Leave a comment

i spent most of this afternoon hanging out with the younger of my two girls. she abandoned all other engagements on her busy social schedule to spend the evening with me.

the smile on my face could like continents. i love my girls equally and watching them develop into young women fills me with great pride, but the younger has a greater force of will, sense of self and a clearly defined sense of right and wrong, which she has no compunction about voicing.

today was one of those times.

we got into a taxi this afternoon and we both said good day to the driver and fellow passengers, to a stunning silence, i brushed it off and relaxed for our ride home, not my girl, in a somewhat strident tone of voice she exclaimed “i said `good afternoon`, `don`t you have any manners?` and proceeded to chastise the two gentlemen in the car.

it was amazing to see grown men apologising to a 10 year old girl, it made me proud. i believe part of our societal problems are basically a lack of good manners and if my 10 year can feel strongly enough about it and assert herself, who are we?

we need to lead by example but sometimes we need to follow the lead of a child.

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