hell week

November 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

the run around has started. thus far this morning, i`ve gotten my passport pictures, got them notarised, i still need to go pick up a form from the jamaican high commission, fill it out and fedex it off.

vic`s mom is having open heart surgery today and i haven`t been able to talk to her for the day yet. [send them both your prayers and good wishes]

i don`t mind having errands to run, but the rain is pouring. it`s not so bad when you can just jump into your car and go but when you have to travel and walk to and fro the taxis, it gets kind inconvenient.

other fun things this week include tracking down all the money owed to me, getting a bag to pack my books and packing. the high point should be what little laundry i`ve accumalated.

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