giving thanks

November 27, 2003 — Leave a comment

happy thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating, especially victoria and the boy chick. hopefully this is our last one apart.

i`m not big on holidays. christmas used to be my time of year, but years of constant fighting, highlighted by screaming and tears on christmas morning by mother and grandmother, have made appreciate being on my own for the holidays.  after this year, adjustments will be made.

something about the holidays just irks me on some visceral level. i`m trying to get it out, but it`s not coming out in any sensible form.

i believe it`s my general lack of faith in my fellow man that makes me cynical around the holidays.

i`m going to stop now.

i am thankful for vic, the children, my mother, my friends, my job and that i have a roof over my head. i`m going to leave well enough alone because cynical or not, there are far too many people in the world without anything.

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