i’m addicted

October 15, 2003 — Leave a comment

and thanks to PT, i can feed my addiction.

i`m actually at her house to upload a job, but i figured i`d take the time to check my mail, update my blog, catch up on what i missed.

i never realised how much time i spend online until i have no access. i went two whole nights without talking to vic. which in terms of what we`re accustomed to is a life time. i`ve always know how grounding talking her is but the last two days have been a sort of hell, i needed to talk, i needed comfort and i couldn`t get it.

i`m going to have to figure out something quickly, i can`t keep showing up on PT`s doorstep every morning.

i`m off to pick up my ticket for the trip next week. ciao

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