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October 9, 2003 — Leave a comment

so for fun yesterday i completely wiped the drive with my OS and apps [in preperation for Panther [8pm, Oct 23] and i`m the process of reinstalling everything. i kept my mail databases and a couple other specific prefs, but otherwise this is a fresh start.

it`s amazing how much shit i`ve accumulated. obviously all the shit that i haven`t been collecting in the physical world is all here in the virtual world. it feels good to do some house cleaning.

in other news i`m debating taking on the atkins diet at least to get my weight down to a region where the thought of exercise of some sort doesn`t send my heart into palpitations.

coinciding with this decision is word out of jamaica. yes folk, i have a face to interview later this month. i`ll keep you posted and things develop.

VIRGO:If you want to place yourself in alignment with the current cosmic trends, you will seek out more than the usual amount and quality of your favorite physical sensations. My advice is to compose a list of your top five, then write out a proposed plan for getting those needs met and met and met. For instance, if you normally have a massage every once in a while, arrange to have at least two in the coming week, and make sure you enlist the services of the very best masseuse or masseur you know. Use the same approach to sex, food, sleep, aromas, beautiful sights, and any other experience that thrills your body.

courtesy: free will astrology

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