breakfast of champions

October 30, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`m a big fan of doubles.

and this week in my poverty ridden state, they have been my saviour, for less than TT$10 [the exchange rate is $6.2 to the US$, you do the math] each day i can eat enough to keep me sustained throughout the day.

i have a regular doubles man, always a good thing, you know how hot the pepper is, what the right balance of chutney is and if you`re really hard up you can drop the cash for him another day.

i`ve been eating doubles from this guy for almost a decade. i first had his doubles at my first advertising job, he had his stand right up the road from the office, eventually he moved and i lost track of him for a little while and about two years ago i came across him in st. james. he`s there 6 days a week, he doesn`t work mondays, and most days he`s completely sold out by 11am.

the key to a good doubles for me is a light barra, a subtle combination of pepper, mango/coconut/cucumber chutney and a touch of shadon beni and fairly firm channa.

unlike a lover, i`m not necessarily faithful to one doubles man, i have a couple that i visit and i`ve been know to stray to any available doubles man when hunger strikes.

curepe is the home of late night doubles. too early to be breakfast, too late to be anything else, curepe is a must stop for the post party doubles craving, even if it entails driving completely the opposite direction from where you live.

such is the siren song of a good doubles.

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