why is it

September 1, 2003 — Leave a comment

that people feel they can use you and when you get pissed off and draw the line, they must be more vexed than you?

i made a promise to myself on my birthday, i will cease being a fucking doormat. i will help my friends but i refused to be used conveniently.

i didn`t do much of anything today, trying to ride out the flu and get into a position to head out to work tomorrow.

my boss is out again tomorrow, but she`s back on wednesday and we`re meeting again. i think i`m going to take charge and have a production meeting in the morning because i`m going have to take a load of shit on wednesday for the things that weren`t finished for her to take on her presentation.

it`s as hot as hell and the achy portion of the flu has started. i`m not as miserable as i was yesterday and i can breathe currently, i`m wondering what a day in the ac is going to do to me.

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