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my soon to be ex boss returns to today. she`s been out of the office a week, it`s been calm and productive. there a number of meetings today, so productivity is going to be way down. i also think today is the announcement day, i`ve been keeping a secret. don`t like those, but i was asked to do so in confidence, so hopefully, she`ll say her piece and i can get it off my chest.

which brings me to my point, i think i`ve worked out the insomnia, the unease, the general malaise, i`m ready to move on. not just from the job, but the country. i need a change of scenery. i think if i don`t get this jamaica job i`m going to be completely shattered, i`m hanging a lot of hopes on this job.

i need to know i`m taking a step forward, getting out of here, closer in proximity to vic, doing something to improve our situation. all i feel i`m doing right now is marking time.

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