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i love to read, as i`ve said before i`m avaricious in my reading. but i`ve realised my true love is for short form writing. short stories, novellas are a joy to me. all my favourite authors are masters of the short form.

one of the joys of the short form are fables and mythologies. i grew up on aesop, homer and anansi and as i got older i discover the stories of other peoples and culture. i also realised that if you read enough of these myths and fables, the names of the heroes and locations may change, but they`re the same story.

every culture on the planet has a flood myth, stories of tricksters. i can`t say i`ve read every myth or fable on the planet, but in my reading i`ve come across quite a number of similarities.

this is not a scientific treatise, but i believe that if you follow this progression, you`ll realise there`s one source to all our stories.

here are a couple of links to myths and folklore online courtesy metafilter

folklore and mythology e-text

tales of wonder, folk and fairy tales from around the world

hope these bring you as much happiness and entertainment as they have me.

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