never take life seriously as none of us get out alive

September 9, 2003 — Leave a comment

i tend to approach each day with child like glee. it`s what makes going to work and most days bearable. i suppose child like is a stretch with a mouth like mine, but i try to make work fun.

there are moments in the office where my co-workers believe i`ve lost my mind, but what would you think if you saw your 6` 2″ creative director frolicking across the floor.

i need to do it more often.

it doesn`t get in the way of my work. it just something i do, it also makes me seem less intimidating. more like the big teddy bear i am.

and yes i am a big teddy bear, i wouldn`t hurt a fly. i`m loving, friendly, fiercely loyal but a right bastard when i pushed.

i`ve lost my initial train of thought, if i actually had one.
my suggestion to you, is go out today and make yourself happy. enjoy the day.

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