freedom to oversleep

September 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

there is a certain amount of freedom that comes with knowing that your days in an organisation are specifically numbered.

for the second time this week i managed to oversleep, i`m not one to slack off when i`m leaving a job, i have nothing, if not a reputation to maintain. but since i handed in my resignation yesterday, i feel lighter.

i`m working on taking care of some of the other things that i need to make my steps forward. i`ve gotten the forms i need, i`m calling about the letters i need to attach to the form.

things are progressing nicely. i lost my train of thought in the middle of the post, cause my boss came to have a little tete a tete with me. she seems to be working on trying to convince me to stay in some subtle way.

i`m not convinced.

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