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September 8, 2003 — Leave a comment

i love words, i love the form, i love the structure of them. i`ve been a voracious reader, well, since i learned to read. my first book was tootles the taxi. as i understand it, i got it when i was about 1. i learned to read it, then i ate it. cover to cover.

that would become my modus opernadi with reading. i spent my childhood in the company of books. when i left the primary school system, i donated all the books i`d collected to the school library. i used to lead expeditions from school to the public library. my mother encouraged this in me, i knew on the 23rd of every month there would be a book for me.

as i grew older other things caught my attention, but i always came back to the books and scrabble. i`m an average scrabble player now, i used to be better, when i played regularly.

i`m not a fan of the traditional classics, i have read dickens and the like, but i cut my teeth on stephen king and issac asimov, clarke. i was introduced rushdie, allende and marquez recently and i am richer for it.

i`ll read almost anything. i`ve tried bodice rippers, but they do nothing for me and i will finish a book no matter how much i hate it. there are books that i`ve wanted to fling across the room in frustration at how poorly it was written.

i enjoy etymology, the root of the words and language fascinate me, it`s allowed me a basic reading ability of german.

my books are most important and prized possession. when i left trinidad, the only things i took with me, were 4 boxes of books. vic now has them, for she shares my love of the printed word. since i`ve been back here i`ve managed to collect another boxful of books.

reading and words are my shields and my weapons. they`ve help make me what i am.

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