well, what can i say

August 29, 2003 — Leave a comment

overwhelmed [they were], over experienced [i am].

so that`s how it went, from the time i got there they were gushing about the resume and the work experience. and then there was the subtle hint about the dress code, mind you i showed up in a pressed shirt [short sleeved], slacks and shoes. i wanted them to know what they were getting into. and they rose to the bait. why is it in this day and age, a 6` 2″ tattoo`d, pierced and dreadlocked man has to continue to endure this colonial mentality.

i could of course just be paranoid, but the head of the marketing dept blinked when i told her what i wanted to be paid. and that`s never a good sign.

we shall see, they said they had more interviews and the hr dept would get back to me next week [if i made the cut, implied, not said]

i did run into a friend afterward who promised to pass on some other opportunites to me, so the afternoon was still semi-productive.

going to savour my naked time in my house.

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