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August 1, 2003 — Leave a comment

i went to the movies last night with j, who i hadn’t hung out with for a while, she’s always fun and good to shit talk with. we went to see LXG and Bad Boys 2. LXG was entertaining. not great, just entertaining, there were some bright spots and seeing it in a theatre full of illiterates didn’t help. there were a couple of  literary in jokes but for the most part it went whooshing over the heads of the masses. however Bad Boys 2 was completely and utter dreck, it seemed forced and uncomfortable and turning into a propaganda film in the last 20 minutes just completely ruined it for me [the masses on the other hand, just completely ate it up], which leads me to believe, i’m too old for mass consumption fare anymore, but i’ll see the trailers and get sucked again and again.

anyway, after the movies [1am, mind you] i dragged j to afterdark. to hang out for a bit with the usual suspects. K leaves in less than 2 weeks, it was after dark’s last night and i owed my 6000th visitor a drink what other reasons did i need to trek off to AD?

i got there, it was hot and packed. j ran into a bunch of people she knew and i saw everyone i came to look for. the low point of the nights events is the sleazy man that tried to pick me up. oh ‘i’m the hottest man there’ [maybe i was, because the a/c was perpetually broke] and he’s bi, his girlfriend is away, his exes are there, blah, blah, blah, blah. and the fucking grabby hands, i don’t mind dancing, i can’t expect to go to AD and not have a man dance with me, but motherfucker, keep your hands to yourself. not under my shirt, not on my ass [well there are conditions and you dancing behind me and trying to cop a feel is not cool] , no crotch grabbing. which brings me to a couple other points, if i want to know what you had in your pants, i’d ask, i have no interest in feeling your tiny semihard dick on my ass, i have no interest in putting my hands on your tiny dick and i most certainly don’t want you copping a feel of my goods. how many times must i move your hands before you get the hint. [thank you, thank you, thank you N, for saving me from that sleazy fucker]

phew needed to get that off my chest.

we left shortly after, i got tired of wondering if sleazy boy would be back and it was after 3am and i was tired. not sure what we’re up to tonight but the rain has started pouring and i think it’s a good plan for me to crawl back into bed.

i’ll be back later. ciao.

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