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August 21, 2003 — Leave a comment

artist longing to be recognised. this is an addendum to a comment i made on tamale`s journal.

why is it so hard to be an artist/writer/young[ish] person with even a modicum of talent and good sense in this country? why we have to fucking suffer so? why we have to put up with the shit and the late payment [if you self employed], the lack of appreciation, the `just` philosophy, the fuckwits in management [how the fuck did someone so stupid become your boss and the sub question, are you the bigger idiot for working for them?], the nepotism?

is this just a caribbean thing or does happen everywhere?

this is not a rant, i`m a little too tired to work up the proper levels of vitriol and righteous indignation a the moment. i`m debating applying for a government scholarship to do a masters in graphic art. but knowing the kind of morons i`m dealing with, it begs two questions, will i get it and what the fuck are they going to do with me if i do.

imaginary conversation

them: what is your masters in?

me: graphic arts, typography specifically.

them: what`s that?

me: the use and application typefaces in design

them: what is design?

followed quickly by screaming [not sure at this point if it`s mine or theirs]

there was a point to this. i think is time to start our own. it might be a pipe dream to produce good work and get paid for it, but you have to hold on to something right?

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