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August 29, 2003 — Leave a comment

what is the chemical reaction that causes a state of almost uncontrollable arousal after bouts of anger and frustration?

i have been on edge since yesterday and my dreams last night were…

let`s just use the words lascivious, salacious, wanton even and that`s being generous.

i`m awake and the sensations of the dream still haven`t left me. i don`t think that`s such a bad thing. as much as i`d like to skip work and go to the interview this afternoon, i do still have responsibilities. there is the presentation material to print and ensure it gets pasted up and of course i have to burn my portfolio to cd, so i definitely need to go into the office.

it`s not even the first of the month and the money situation is already almost untenable. this is primary on the list of reasons i need a new job, i need more money, i also need health care and less stress.

i`m off to prettify, well at least attempt to look like i`m serious about wanting this job. i`ll be back later and i`ll most certainly be back after the interview with details.

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