ran away from work

August 8, 2003 — Leave a comment

to prove one of my friends is not a snuffleupagus. meet her in the mall, spent an relaxing and entertaining afternoon, now i`m home, getting  ready to go shoot pool with PT.

in the mean time here is your Hurried, Stressed-Out, Pre-Vacation Filthy Friday Five

1. If you are a heterosexual guy (or if you were one, hypothetically), would you find it mildly offensive if a girl wanted to use lube during standard intercourse? Or would you feel, “hey, the slippier the better– whatever makes her comfortable.”

there is no such thing as too slippery

2. Similar question for those of us who like boys: Would it bother you or cause you to question your “skillz” if your partner needed Viagra for sex?

i`m not in a position to answer that.

3. Let`s say your partner was into really hardcore BDSM (humiliation, beating, etc.) You love this hypothetical person. Would you be willing to administer the insults/whippings in a sexual situation if they begged you to and said it would get them off like nothing else?

my partner`s joy is my joy.

4. Is it morally wrong for one to “bait” one`s dog with peanut butter to get him to lick one`s cock or pussy? Assume the dog is completely willing and licks up the peanut butter of his own accord. Is this animal abuse?

hmmmmm, no comment.

5. Does a person need verbal permission to penetrate another person initially? For instance, let`s say I`ve never had sex with a person, and we get naked and are hot and heavy and he starts fucking me. I have not said “no” at any point, but I haven`t said “Fuck me” either. Did he just commit a transgression?

i don`t think so, but if she says no, i would have to stop

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