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August 21, 2003 — Leave a comment

i got in last night, flight got delayed about 35 minutes and i was waiting for a ride, so by the time i got home it was close to midnight. i`m still exhausted. spent most of yesterday after the presentation, doing fuck all. i had a couple of drinks with the competition, then had joined the potential client and one of the other agencies for lunch.

in the time between our presentation and drinks and lunch i finished my book. [go out and get this book, it`s fantastic] after lunch i went back to the room and relaxed in the jacuzzi which was not as much fun as it should have been without vic. i watched stealing havard til it was time for checkout then left for the airport.

ended up liming with some other advertising folks in the airport while we waited for our delayed flight. apparently liat [the airline we flew on] is perpetually late. in some places LIAT is an acronym for late, if at all. so we should be grateful that we didn`t spend another night in grenada.

i got a lift home with the gm of one of the competing ad agencies, i think i may need to be nicer to my boss. the woman asked if always talk to my boss that way. `what way?` [i asked somewhat innocently, knowing perfectly well what she meant.] `like you don`t respect her.` well the sad truth is i don`t. but i really should try to hide it better, i never realised that i was so obvious.

but here i am back at work, got some sleep last night but i`m still tired.

i should try and get some work done, i`ll be back later.

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