hey keifel, it’s your birthday

August 23, 2003 — Leave a comment

and i`m going to party like it`s my birthday.

thus far i`ve gotten:

a sound trouncing at pool

slightly inebriated

a beautiful view of the night sky

famous people born today include:

1977 Nicole Bobek (ice skater)

1971 Jay Mohr (comedian)

1970 River Phoenix (actor)

1951 Jimi Jamison (singer)

1951 Mark Hudson (singer)

1949 Rick Springfield (singer, actor)

1949 Shelley Long (actress)

1947 Keith Moon (singer, drummer, actor)

1940 Richard Sanders (actor)

1936 Rudy Lewis (singer)

1934 Barbara Eden (Huffman) (actress)

1932 Mark Russell (comedian)

1930 Vera Miles (Ralston) (actress)  

1930 Michel Rocard (French statesman, prime minister)

1917 Tex Williams (singer)

1912 Gene Kelly (dancer, actor, director)

1869 Edger Lee Masters (poet)

1785 Oliver Hazard Perry (American naval officer)

1754 Louis XVI (King of France)  

and this day in history

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