focus and determination

August 28, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`m in a marginally better mood this morning, but i`m working on it. my boss is out of the office for two dasy, i have a final say on a presentation she`s travelling with on tuesday, i`ll work on that today, get it done, get it done right and when i`m done with that i`ll work figuring out these forms.

tomorrow i have my interview, i need to burn my portfolio onto cd, i need to do that today. i`m not calling back today. i`ll just get upset again and when you`re dealing with bureaucrats that`s never a good idea.

we`ve got a long weekend this weekend, i`m partying saturday and sunday night, if i can find d, i`m going to get some ink.

i must not fear. fear is the mind killer. fear is the little death that brings about total obliteration. i will face my fear. i will permit it to pass over me and through me. and when it has gone past, i will turn with the inner eye to see it’s path. where the fear has gone, there will be nothing, only i will remain.

i found that space before, i just need to get back there. focus and determination.

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