i love my birthday, what i don`t like is how my friends treat me. this is the second or third time i`ve organised something for my birthday and my `friends` don`t show. i`ve gotten more greetings from my online community than i have from my friends.

am i bitter? fuck yes. i`m resentful, hurt and bitter. i`m there for them, i remember the birthday, they only seem to remember my number/email address/how to find me when the shit has hit they fan in their lives.  i made a decision last night, fuck them all. i`m looking out for me and the people that are there for me when i need someone, that is my resolution for my 32nd year.

i mean i try to be a good friend, but what the fuck. i don`t ask for much, everyone knows how much my birthday means to me. all i ask is it be acknowledged.

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