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August 27, 2003 — Leave a comment

so i call barbados to tell them santo domingo doesn`t know i exist [ie they don`t have the documents you fuckwits purportedly sent]. now barbados wants me to call santo domingo and get them to fax that they don`t have it.

i call santo domingo back and they say they can`t do that without something official from barbados. all of this calling is on my fucking dime. why am i doing their fucking job and why do i seem to be the only one concerned?

probably because at the end of the day they really don`t give a fuck. i`m pissed, i`m frustrated and i need an outlet for this. typing isn`t making me any less angry.

i think i just make qualify for the skilled labour immigration programme in canada, but i have 10+ pdfs to sort through. i can`t even see straight, much less concentrate on working out what i have to do with this shit.

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