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August 2, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`ve just recounted to someone how vic and i met and it prompted me to go read old emails and ims.

vic and i met online at nerve.com, and this in a nutshell is our tale…

for about 7 weeks we im`d. 8 – 10 hours a day, everyday. then i flew to miami, spent 22 hours on a bus. got to knoxville, worried that she would see me and run away. she came and picked me up at the bus station and smiled. i knew it then, actually i knew it before i got there, but it was just confirmation. i stayed an extra week. i didn`t tell her i loved her when i was leaving because i was afraid of what it would mean. afraid it wouldn`t work out… went to see another friend and came up with all kinds of reasons it would work. trying to convince myself. i couldn`t. went back in november, had a job interview in december, took a job in naples in january, drove 11 hours the first weekend i was there from naples, fl to knoxville to propose. we got married in barbados last january. we`ve seen each other twice since then. once in london last october and then last week.

just wanted to share.

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