are quite refreshing. i think i may take one on everyday now. i’m slogging through hp on the palm, i think it’s just bad mind now, i refuse to wait til after vic leaves to read a copy.
since i’ve been up, i’ve been surfing, it is tuesday so the village voice is all new (c’mon, the link is my favourites, go click on it) and metafilter is still down, so i have to find the news by hand, or by blog.

thank you laura for this great link – zadie on katherine (how cool is that)

there are also a whole bunch of cool links on the group blog – the junk drawer (yes, it’s a plug, i contribute, so sue me…
oh wait,  you can’t sue me [thanks jadedgrrl])

and my wife has arrived online, so i bid you all a good night.


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