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July 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`ve gotten the keys to the apt, my laundry is being done. and i`ve got some cash in my pocket. i have a friend at the airline checking to see if vic collected her ticket in mia yet. the rains have started. all is good in the world.

i just got this from faymow`s journal and it was too tasty to pass up on a day like today:

1. What`s your honest opinion on golden showers? Please share your hypothesis on why you think a person would enjoy this.

it`s not for me, if two conscenting adults want to have it. more power to them.

2. If you had a choice between never having an orgasm again or never having intercourse again, which would you choose?

i`d give up intercourse. but wait… this seems familiar.

3. Upskirt cams (voyeuristic photos of women caught unaware): hot or totally reprehensible? How about toilet cams?

Both are totally reprehensible and in poor taste.

4. Do those \”Filthy Grandmas\” pornos disturb you deeply, or do you think it`s kind of cool that diverse ages are represented in the adult entertainment industry?

again, not for me. but i`d like to think vic and i`ll still be active at that age.

5. What`s the weirdest fetish a friend or acquaintance has ever admitted to you?

i have a lot very sexually liberal friends. so they`re all over the place.

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