i’m so excited

July 17, 2003 — Leave a comment

and i just can`t help it

i`m about to lose control

and i think i like it.

[free coupon for the first person to identify the title and artist of that little ditty]

ijournal and js is broke [oh mighty tiro, please fix], so i`m posting from js itself it seems so weird after all this time. i had what passes for a full night`s sleep and here i am – up and awake. vic is here in just over 36 hours as of typing this. i feel good, i`m relaxed, i`m a little nervous but it`s a good nervous energy. i`m sitting here with the broadest smile on my face, all a twitter, my heart is racing. i want today and tomorrow to race by quickly, so i can have my love in my arms once more. happy sigh.

and now the news; again keifel`s ministry of truth is only including funny, positive links

Metallica Sue Canadian Band over E, F Chord [proof positive that drugs will destroy your brain]

everytime you masturbate…

you save your prostate

the guardian`s guide to rude words [contains some interesting links, especially for people like me who like to use the full gammut of the language]

judge throws the book at defendant [literally]

strangely, it wasn`t in one of america`s most literate cities

some quick notes [it`s the journalist in me, you have to take the good with the bad]:

aol kills netscape

queen of salsa dies

there is no pretty little segue into the rest of today`s links so i`ll just get on with it.

nerve has a heap of new stuff up, new fiction, new poetry, more on female ejaculation, em & lo`s tour blog, go. go check it out.

Clitourist — a travel guide for little men in boats [you can never have too much knowledge]

uk launches national foreplay day [although i question the choice of spokesperson, can anyone with that much plastic/silicone be turned on traditional means?]

and remember that the following day is national orgasm day

i support both of these causes and shall be working fervently over the next ten days on them both.

and that`s a wrap. i should get ready for work, i need to make sure all the loose ends are tied up in the office. i`ll be back later

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