i don’t know how i’m getting to sleep

July 28, 2003 — Leave a comment

i just took off the bandana vic left, and one of her hairs was in it. i’ve been out for a while, i’m trying to read and it’s a book vic left. there was an afternoon when we just curled up on the couch and read. i knew i was in love with victoria the moment i laid eyes on her, it had been building over our daily conversations but there i was tired and rumpled after a 22 hour bus ride and she smiled at me and i was hers. she introduced me to new authors, shared her love of food. and our love has grown, stronger, more expansive by the day. the ease of our interaction, our shared thirst for knowledge, our love of language,  her smile, her lovely laugh.

i miss vic so much. i’m afraid to go to bed. i don’t want to  face my bed alone. i’m waiting to get her email to know that she’s home and safe. tomorrow and the following day, i’m out all day on location shooting. i’m not sure how likely that is considering it’s mostly outdoor and it’s the rainy season, it’s been raining almost everyday. which reminds me about being in the apartment with vic and the rain beating on the roof.

vic i want you here. i want to be where you are. i just want you by my side.

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