well not just today’s. i’ve been rather lax for the last couple of days so bear with me, i’ve got a lot of links to post.

please stand by…

let’s start here –

1. nerve has started posting a collection of sexual related links from the world wide weird, it’s called the scanner and the first offerings are a doozy.

2. more excerpts from em & lo’s new book – this time they wax poetic on the g-spot and female ejaculation

3. Sextablos: Works on Metal, “a book featuring 60 artists from New York, Seattle and Chicago exploring the issues and taboos of sex, created using the format of Mexican Retablo painting.

4. a couple of interesting blogs:

the rules of blogging as told by the reverse cowgirl

dirty whore’s first time

and the bazima chronicles which i discovered sometime ago and then promptly never went back to, why i can’t imagine.

5. one of the most entertaining sports headlines ever written (how ever you chose to read it)

whew. time for a pause, i haven’t even gotten to metafilter yet. i’ll be back later, need all my wits to try and outmanoeuvre my daughter in monopoly.


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