[my friend franka emailed this to me recently seeking opinions and being the media whore that i am, i`m passing it along in as many forum as i can muster]

I have an issue for you to ponder and respond to.

The question essentially is “what do women want?”

Last night, I was speaking to a friend who is a recently divorced, highly educated businesswoman who is seeing a man who we could say is an ordinary  dude. He`s not her intellectual equal, gives far less than what is expected emotionally and he‚`s a player but he`s great in bed and extremely romantic.

She shared with me that several other women in her position felt that they preferred that kind of man and not an intellectual equal because “the intellectual men aren`t good at the romantic stuff.”

I have to admit I was surprised, but I wondered if this was how lots of  women feel and what do men think about this?

Please feel free to send your thoughts.

[i think that`s a generalisations, but that`s just me.]

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