adventures in automobiling [and some welcoming thougths]

July 17, 2003 — Leave a comment

i borrowed my ex-brother-in-law’s car to get me through the 10 days that vic is here. i went to pick it up this evening and then came home. i was so haunted i went and had a beer with purple turtle and k.
this is where the adventures began, driving back the rear tyre began to do an exotic little dance, i wasn’t going very fast, so i slowed down even more and realised the rear right tyre seemed to be slipping off, i was far from the gas station so i nursed the car in and went to investiquire [now mind you, my area of technological expertise is computers not cars] my first thought was that the wheel nuts were slack, boy was i wrong, the bearing on the right rear tyre stripped.
for those of you not technically inclined this means i was minutes away from the tyre slipping off the car. [that maybe overly dramatic, but the ease with which the tyre came off in my hand i doubt it.]

well that little adventure behind me, i’m ready for bed, vic is safely in bed, having to be up way before eos, rosy-fingered goddess of the dawn makes an appearance to catch her connecting flight to miami, then she has a 8 hour layover in mia, to arrive here in just over 20 hours.

now, a few words to all the new trini bloggers… welcome. it’s nice to have so many new visitors, i have one more thing to say, what you meet here should stay here. i don’t hide who i am, but that’s me, this blog is about purging a lot of stuff that’s going on with me, so are a lot of others, i don’t think people will appreciate having to self censor or move their blog because some farse, ignorant person is harassing them. just keep that in mind. treat your fellow bloggers with the respect and courtesy you expect for yourself.

enough preaching. i am out. i’ll be back tomorrow to with my wrap up posts. adieu.

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