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June 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

when you’re so tired you’re almost exuberant, because you’re just running on sheer adrenaline? that’s where i am now. but i know how exhausted i am, i left the page plan for the second set of pages, which in terms of sheet stupidity, is monumental.
what does this mean exactly? it means i haven’t been able to do jack shit about it all morning, so i’m heading home as soon as i’m assured that the first set of pages is safely emailed and then work balls to the wall on that and finishing up a campaign that needs to be proofed this afternoon to go out for prints tomorrow. all of this before my 3:30 meeting with a new client to win a contract to service their machines. i can only hope the rush holds.

ok, the file is sent, i’m off to save the world.

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