what a difference a day makes

June 29, 2003 — Leave a comment

a little over 36 hours ago i was posting about random acts of kindness and feeling all warm inside about the place. it was too good to last. i went to work, that wasn’t too bad, borrowed my ex-brother-in-law’s car, picked up the pig et homme and off we went to the slamming back in times party. evelyn champagne king wasn’t all that, but the company was good, the music was nice.
my damn near perfect weekend was fucked when i got back to the car and realised that it had been broken into, radio gone and the pig’s bag is gone. there is a sense of violation when you’re robbed, only compounded by the inordinate amount of shit you have to go through. i moseyed to the police station to make a report, even though as the nice policeman (now there are words that i’d never thought i’d utter) told me that it would just be another unsolved larceny statistic (as if i didn’t know that). now i have replace the tape player in the car, another expense, i could do without.
in other news while i wait on my printed copies of hp5 to arrive in hand, i found a copy floating about online and i can safely say i understand why ebooks never made it. i spend about an hour last night trying to read it on my hand held, what an exercise in frustration. as much as i’m advocate of technology, ebooks will never replace paper for me.

i’m going to get some food, read the news (which means i’ll be back later with links) and take a nap. the rain is pouring down here and there is very little that beats a nap on a rainy sunday afteroon, well in 3 sundays, i’m sure i’ll prove myself wrong.

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