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June 29, 2003 — Leave a comment

i realised i didn’t put in the number of days til vic gets here: 19

after a long, pleasant, dream filled nap, i had to go pick up the girls.
music is an interesting thing, there are songs that you’ll always associate with a moment, a person. tonight i was fortunate enough to hear the two songs that remind me about the two non-blood relations that mean the most to me. my best friend and my wife. it also made me think about love. how it’s possible to love two people in completely different ways and want the same thing for them both – their complete happiness.
there is no point to this, no greater meaning, just glad that i have these people in my life. i feel very centred, i’m in a good place.
another calming aspect of the evening is watching children sleep, my younger daughter and her sister (long complicated story, let’s just say i have interesting family relationships) have this habit of falling asleep as soon as they get in a car. it’s beautiful to behold.

i’m going to chat with my wife. have a good night.

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