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June 18, 2003 — Leave a comment

i generally love heist flicks. i also love ensemble casts. so i was in my glee with ‘the italian job’, it was a fun, entertaining, and fun to watch.  and the score kicked major ass, i’m on amazon now, checking it out. one of the reasons i’m listening to pink floyd’s money is because there is a version in the film and it stuck in my head all the way home. (it’s not even available yet. sigh. onto the wishlist it goes. )

it’s always good to go see a film where the cast has fun together, i think it’s one of the reasons ocean’s 11 appeals to me so much. the original wasn’t anywhere as good as the remake. i, however, haven’t seen the original italian job, so it too joins the list.

i should get to bed. as much as i don’t want to, i’ve going work later. and it’s going to be just as bad as yesterday. i have a shoot at 1:30pm, i have no model and no costume. i also have to finish preproduction for friday’s shoot. i’m praying to every deity i know to cut me some kind of slack on friday – clear skies, fairly uncrowded beach. is that too much to ask? and i have more ‘work’ to do. you know i wouldn’t mind so much if the pay even compensated for the volume of work i have to do.

fuck it, i’m going to hold on to my  good mood and do you know why i’m in a good mood…


(aint html cool)

thank you and good night. i`ll be here all week, remember to tip your waitresses.

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