June 20, 2003 — Leave a comment

not that it makes a difference, it’s a holiday here and i’m going into work. but i feel great anyway. the dreams, the dreams. my god.

that glow on the horizon in the northwest portion of trinidad is me smiling. i feel that good, by the time vic gets here in 28 days we may both need to have some kind of protective shielding.

i’m calling the embassy today, i think my general demeanour and good feeling will help me get through the beuracracy. need to get some kind of news.

speaking of which:

apple teases us with the new G5s

some recently issued patent gems

the new times 55 fiction winners (a complete story in 55 words)

pubic hair-dos (part 1 of 3 by near experts em & lo from nerve)

it’s about that time for me to get going. i’ll be back later.

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