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June 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

i’m waiting for my daughter to finish up in the library so we can go home and addict that i am, i decided that a quick post was in order.

also some clarification. i have nothing against naturally thin women or big women that are seeking to get to a healthier weight. my problem lies with women who have never been and/or will never be a size (insert size here) and starving, carving and maiming themselves for this unattainable ideal. just so we’re clear.

so k got her ink today finally and i got to continue you my very large and ornate piece (pic tomorrow when it’s not so gross). i realise i do get off on the pain to some extent and now k, is trying to convince me to pierce my nipples (i worry that i’ll lose the lovely sensitivity).

k’s phoenix is beautiful and she was quite the trooper, while i whimpered and flinched, she just sat there smiled. once darren starts work i’m fine, but it’s the initial stick of needle that’s the fucking bastard.

i maybe on the radio in the morning talking about being tattoo’d and pierced but i need to check with k first. time to go get the chica. adieu.

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