well, i went to the office and picked up my power adaptor, so now i don’t have to worry about the machine running out of juice in the middle of doing something. this morning i had to take a trek to st. james to get doubles, it’s been a while – doubles truly the breakfast of champions.

the sun is still blisteringly hot, haven’t had much rain so far for the weekend, i’m waiting to see how this becomes my fault in the monday production meeting. the hp is out and i don’t have a copy yet. there are on sale here, but if i shell out the cash to buy one today, i’m going to be destitute again, so i think i’ll wait til i get paid this week.

last night i continued this great book of short stories called the book of ifs and buts (i can’t remember the author at the moment) but the stories are all about immigrants and immigration and well written and captivating. read til i fell asleep.

anyway i’m hot and sticky in more ways than one, so i’m going to grab a shower and wash my hair, be back later.

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