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June 4, 2003 — Leave a comment

i’ve been busyish today i spent my afternoon working on a poster, still have a shot list for the next campaign to complete. funny thing is i haven’t started doing any of layouts. hmmmmm. these are the days i enjoy, i seem to respond best under pressure. tomorrow should be a blast, have three interviews for an artist, including my tattoo guy, i hope the boss goes with my recommendation and picks him, but i’m somewhat nervous. i don’t have much of the alpha male in me, but i think his talent far outshines mine. i worry about giving him direction, sigh. we’ll leap tha bridge when we get to it. we’ve worked together on a project before and we were great, so i’m holding on to that. 

oh my god! breaking fucking news! 

there is a high power… read about it here 
and here 

am i enjoying this too much? well… i have to get my thrills where i can. 

back to my bitching and whining (actually it hasn’t been so bad) and vic is back tomorrow (woo hoo), i’ve actually done 4 pages of the screenplay, so i’ve not been unproductive. that martha thing has me strangely dazed, i’ve lost my train of thought, so here’s some more news, if i’m so inspired i’ll post later 

world support for the us at new low 

arizona may ignore next orange alert 

at last the truth 

a couple of tarot decks including an 80s deck and a postmodernist deck 

i’ve been hunting for an appropriate sex, sensual or erotic link, but i can’t seem to find anything worthy… so let’s just say i owe you one. cmon you know i’m good for it. 

i’ll be back later. 

not much later it seems, i had nerve loading in the background and it seems i always have to edit my ijournal posts when there are links, so here is your moment of zen 

told you i was good for it. 
thank you and good night

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