June 15, 2003 — Leave a comment

i did everything i need to do today, at least on a personal level. 

the picture of the new stage of the ink is in the gallery, (be warned if you’re squemish, this was taken about 5 minutes after i was finished) also had the chat with d, he’s not coming back to work, i can’t blame him. so now i need to find someone who takes instruction well and is willing to work in this hell hole without a lot of hand holding. i think i may know just the sucker (ahem – person) for the job.

i’m waiting for vic to get home and log on, so she can tell me how her weekend with the chicas in nashville was. vicarious thrills.

i’m not looking forward to work tomorrow, this is a short week and the pile of shit that has to be done is growing daily. my boss is familiar with the sucker (ahem – artist) he used to work there before. i never worked with him before but apparently he’s really slow, but at this point, i need someone that can finish up whatever i start.

talking to d today, made me realise how much i’m just marking time at this job. i need to call barbados this week and find out what is going on.

i’m off to have some supper. i’ll be back later.

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