here we are couple hours later, 2Gb of new music sorted and categorised. 

i no longer want break something or someone. i didn’t call, because that would have just degenerated into something nasty and unprofessional. and thus far i have been able to keep it professional. 

i think i just need two major projects to get me out of this hole and have enough squirrel away for vic’s visit. 

it’s started raining here and all i can think about is crawling into bed with vic by my side. 

i really hope it rains (pours actually) while she’s here. 

i had a bunch of links that i was going to post but vic just told me about what she wore to work today and the thought of her in a skirt just pushes all coherent thought out of my mind. completely. 

have a good one 

(edited twice after some good natured ribbing) 

going to bed and let the rain on my roof lull me to sleep.


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