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June 21, 2003 — Leave a comment

this following week (june 19 – july 5) is pride week in trindad you can go here for the list of events.

i’m going with karen tonight to the non-official kickoff of pride week. i always enjoy going out with karen, i have a blast and we can point out all the cute people of any gender to each other. i’m eagerly awating her call. otherwise the evening has been rather uneventful, my primary browser – camino, has flaked out on me completely, it wont launch, reinstalled, dumped the prefs, only thing i can think is i installed divx on my machine and there seems to be a conflict somewhere. owning a mac, there hasn’t been much a chance to seriously geek until x, so i’m gently probing. starting on the periphery and work my way to the root of the problem.

i really like camino, i’ve switched to mozilla temporarily.

amazingly metafilter is down, now where are am i supposed to find all the really cool news?

today is the summer soltice (the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere) and in pagan worship, i believe this is another high holy day. it does help clarify what i’ve been feeling. a day of power coupled with  the fact that tomorrow will be 9 months since i last saw vic. the combination of these factors has my body in complete and total overdrive. it’s a lovely sensation to be this aware of my own sensuality and desire, but with out vic, it’s painful, on an emotional as well as physical level.

i’m going to watch some tv and try blot out the sensations for a little bit. i’ll be back either before or after karen and i head out.

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